GYFTA53 Vonkajšie vlákno so voľnou trubicou a členom FRP pre podzemie (Diret Buried)


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The GYFTA53 optical cable features a robust design to ensure optimal performance and protection for the optical fibers within. The cable structure comprises multiple components and layers, each serving a specific purpose.


At its core, the cable contains a collection of 250μm optical fibers placed within a loose tube made of high modulus material. This loose tube is filled with a waterproof compound to safeguard against moisture. To enhance strength and stability, a non-metallic reinforced core (FRP) is positioned at the center of the cable core.


For optical cables with multiple cores, a layer of polyethylene (PE) is extruded outside the non-metallic reinforcing core. This layer acts as insulation and provides additional protection. The loose tubes, along with any filling ropes, are twisted around the central reinforcing core to create a compact and circular cable core structure, ensuring the integrity of the components.


To prevent water intrusion, water-blocking fillers are applied to fill any gaps in the cable core. This helps maintain the long-term reliability of the optical fibers. The cable core is then wrapped longitudinally with plastic-coated aluminum tape (APL) and covered with an inner sheath made of polyethylene.


To further enhance protection, a double-sided plastic-coated steel tape (PSP) is longitudinally wrapped around the inner sheath. Finally, an extruded polyethylene outer sheath is applied to encase the entire cable, providing defense against moisture, abrasion, and UV radiation.


This comprehensive structure of the GYFTA53 optical cable ensures durability, resistance to water damage, mechanical strength, and protection against external factors. With these features, the cable enables reliable transmission of data through the optical fibers, making it suitable for various telecommunications and networking applications.

Hlavné vlastnosti

The GYFTA53 optical cable boasts several noteworthy features that contribute to its exceptional performance and reliability:


  • Excellent Mechanical Properties and Temperature Characteristics: The cable is designed with materials that offer outstanding mechanical strength and temperature resistance. This ensures its ability to withstand various environmental conditions and installations.
  • High Strength and Hydrolysis Resistance: The loose tube material used in the cable possesses both high strength and excellent resistance to hydrolysis. This ensures the durability and longevity of the cable, even in challenging environments.
  • Critical Fiber Protection: The loose tube is filled with a specially formulated ointment that provides crucial protection to the optical fiber. This ointment acts as a barrier against moisture and other external factors that could potentially damage the fiber.
  • Compression Resistance and Flexibility: The cable is engineered to exhibit excellent compression resistance, allowing it to withstand external pressures without compromising its performance. Additionally, it offers flexibility, making it easier to handle and install.
  • Vodotesný výkon: To ensure reliable waterproof performance, the cable incorporates several measures. These include a single non-metallic center reinforcing core, a loose tube filled with a special waterproof compound, complete core filling, and the use of plastic-coated aluminum tape (APL) as a moisture barrier.
  • Enhanced Moisture Resistance: The GYFTA53 cable is further equipped with double-sided plastic-coated steel tape (PSP), which significantly improves its moisture resistance. This feature helps prevent water seepage in the longitudinal direction of the cable, enhancing its overall reliability.
  • Effective Water-blocking Material: The cable utilizes high-quality water-blocking material to prevent water infiltration along the length of the optical cable. This ensures that the optical fibers remain protected and unaffected by water-related issues.


These features collectively make the GYFTA53 optical cable a reliable and durable solution, capable of providing high-performance data transmission even in demanding conditions while maintaining excellent protection for the optical fibers.

Technické parametre

Typ kábla (zvýšený o 2 vlákna) Vláknové jadrá hadice Hmotnosť kábla (kg/km) plniva Pevnosť v ťahu (dlhodobá/krátkodobá, N) Odolnosť proti rozdrveniu (dlhodobé/krátkodobé, N) Polomer ohybu (statický/dynamický, MM)
GYFTA53-2~6Xn 2 ~ 6 1 228 7 1000/3000 1000/3000 12.5D / 25D
GYFTA53-8~12Xn 8 ~ 12 2 228 6
GYFTA53-14~18Xn 14 ~ 18 3 228 5
GYFTA53-20~24Xn 20 ~ 24 4 228 4
GYFTA53-26~30Xn 26 ~ 30 5 228 3
GYFTA53-32~36Xn 32 ~ 36 6 228 2
GYFTA53-38~42Xn 38 ~ 42 7 228 1
GYFTA53-44~48Xn 44 ~ 48 8 228 0
GYFTA53-50~60Xn 50 ~ 60 5 240 3
GYFTA53-62~72Xn 62 ~ 72 6 240 2
GYFTA53-74~84Xn 74 ~ 84 7 240 1
GYFTA53-86~96Xn 86 ~ 96 8 240 0
GYFTA53-98~108Xn 98 ~ 108 9 276 1
GYFTA53-110~120Xn 110 ~ 120 10 276 0
GYFTA53-122~132Xn 122 ~ 132 11 326 1
GYFTA53-134~144Xn 134 ~ 144 12 326 0





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