Fiber Fast Connectors - Jednoduché ukončenie poľa | SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/APC


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Introducing our high-quality Fiber Fast Connectors, designed for easy and efficient field termination of single fibers without the need for polishing or epoxy. These connectors feature proven mechanical splice technology, ensuring precise fiber alignment and a low-loss termination for both single-mode and multimode optical fiber.



Our Fiber Fast Connectors are available in three types: SC/UPC, SC/APC, and FC/APC. Each type comes in three design options: All-in-One, Open Tail, and Clamshell. The All-in-One design offers a convenient, factory pre-polished connector that eliminates the need for hand polishing in the field. The Open Tail design provides flexibility with its removable fiber stub, while the Clamshell design offers easy access for termination and retermination.


These connectors are compatible with various optical fiber sizes, including 250μm and 900μm, as well as 900μm, 2mm, 3mm, and drop cable cordage. They support all primary fiber types and are color-coded according to industry standards for easy identification during and after installation.


Incorporated in each connector is an innovative translucent wedge that enables the use of a common Visual Fault Identifier (VFI) to provide a 'pass/fail' signal once physical contact is achieved, ensuring reliable connections.


Our SC type connectors are available with various cable options, including 250/900μm buffed fiber, 2.0mm, 1.6mm x 2.0mm, 2.0mm x 3.0mm, and 3.0mm jacket cable. Additionally, we offer a universal type connector suitable for all cable diameters of 250/900μm, 2mm, and 3mm.


Experience efficient and reliable fiber termination with our Field Assembly Optical Connectors. Made with precision and high-quality Zirconia ferrules, they provide a highly dependable connection for a wide range of network applications.


  1. FTTH project usable: This product is specifically designed for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) projects, making it highly suitable for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure.
  2. Fast, easy, and accurate installation: The product enables quick and accurate installation, saving time and effort for businesses while ensuring reliable and superior optical performance.
  3. Nákladovo efektívne: This product offers a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for special tools, epoxy, and polishing during installation, thus reducing labor and material expenses.
  4. Portable: The lightweight and portable design of this product allows for easy transport and installation in various locations, providing businesses with flexibility.
  5. Reliable and durable: With over 500 times mating durability, this product ensures long-lasting performance and reliable connectivity.
  6. No special tools required: The product enables fast and repeatable connections without the need for special tools, epoxy, or polishing, simplifying the installation process.
  7. Factory-installed fiber stub based on unique Pluggable Non‐preset tube technology: The product comes with a pre-installed fiber stub, utilizing innovative technology for quicker and more efficient installations.
  8. Precision ceramic components ensure durable and excellent optical properties: The high-quality ceramic components in this product ensure accurate alignment and optimal optical performance, providing businesses with reliable connections.
  9. Secure and accurate connections: The product ensures axially inelastic connections, avoiding any false connects and guaranteeing reliable connectivity.
  10. High online tensile strength for reliable splicing: The product offers high online tensile strength, satisfying the splicing and scheduling needs of optical fibers, resulting in secure connections.
  11. Všestranné využitie: This product features triple clamping, allowing for the secure connection of naked fiber, tight buffer, and cable. It can be used as a patch cord, providing versatility for businesses.
  12. Integrated casing for protection in outdoor environments: The product's casing provides integrated protection, ensuring durability and performance even in harsh outdoor environments.
  13. Direct connection with ONU, reducing FTTH cost: It can be directly connected to Optical Network Units (ONUs) without the need for an optical socket, reducing the cost of FTTH implementation.
  14. High success rate and easy installation: The product offers a high success rate during installation, with an average splicing time of 100 seconds, saving time and effort for businesses.
  15. Visible installation quality: The product ensures visible and high-quality installation, meeting the construction standards for cabling in any sectioned way.


  • Open the FTTH fiber terminal end for connection and maintenance purposes.
  • Install and wire the fiber optic cables into boxes or cabinets.
  • Handle fiber accidents and perform maintenance on the network infrastructure.
  • Utilize fiber optic cables for LAN, WAN, data, and video transmission.
  • Construct and maintain fiber optic connections for end users.
  • Establish optical fiber access for mobile base stations.
  • Perform connectorization in RF-overlay FTTP networks, cable TV backbone networks, and outside plant installations.
  • Implement connectorization in FTTDesk and MDU FTTP cabling setups.
  • Install and maintain data center infrastructure.
  • Replace connectors in central office setups.
  • Work with FTTH & FTTx networks and Passive Optical Networks for high-speed internet access and efficient data transmission.
  • Provide broadband and CATV services.

technické údaje

položky technické údaje
Číslo modelu APC/UPC Fast Connector
Miesto pôvodu Ningxia
Výrobca QITIAN
Použitie FTTx
Čas záruky 1 ROKY
sieť Wireless Lan, Wired LAN, None, TCP, Ip, POE, GPRS, wifi, 4g
Názov výrobku FTTH Fiber Optic Quick Fast Connector SC APC/UPC
Návrat straty ≥50db
Vložený útlm ≤0.3dB
Typ konektora SC FC LC ST
Farba konektora Zelená alebo modrá
Položka FTTH drop cable,CATV ,CCTV,etc
Test napätia ≥100 N
Mode Fiber single mode
Dĺžka 55mm alebo 60mm
Teplotný rozsah -40 ~ + 85





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